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Major issue with Map visual in the service



I have created a map (the default visual) based on LAT and LONG coordinates including a project name associated to each LAT and LONG and neighborhood. When I filter the map in desktop mode, it works perfectly fine and the auto zoom works as expected. It shrinks and enlarge the map view based on my selection. It focuses on the bubbles that are associated to my selection.

However, when I publish to the service, and apply a filter to my map based on neighborhood selection, Power BI throughs me to a totally different place on the map. Although it is close, NONE of the bubbles are showing in the map and I have to zoom out to find the bubbles.

There is no issue with the neighborhood filter, so it does show only the bubbles I’m focusing on but it seems that the autozoom is out of focus in the service. Again, in desktop mode it work perfectly fine!!!


Any idea what went wrong with the Map visual?




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Community Support

Hi @NirH_at_BITeam


It's a known issue. You can see details below: 


Users of the Bing Map visual may notice the auto-center feature is not locating the center correctly when all the data points are within a very small region (e.g. same city), or if they only have one data points. Each time they filter or cross-highlight, the autocenter may move to an incorrect location.


None – users will have to manually zoom out or pan the data points into focus each time they filter or crosshighlight.


Fix Status:
ETA 10/4.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu