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Maintain layer order and the Format Menu

I think I have found a problem in November Desktop, with the new "Maintain layer order" option. The ability to use the bring to front/bring forward/send to back/send backward buttons in the Format menu has no effect on the visuals.


I would expect that this should still work on Desktop/Development and only take effect when published. If the intention is that the  bring to front/bring forward/send to back/send backward buttons no longer work, then they should be disabled.

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hi  @damouk 

I have reported this issue internally, ICM:214580241

will update here once I get any information.




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I am also seeing this issue. Cannot move objects either direction in layering.

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I've seen some posts on Twitter and these forums where others are impacted. Hoping a fix is forthcoming. Thanks for logging it @v-lili6-msft 

Community Support

hi  ALL


We’ve identified the issue and it will be fixed in December release.




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Any idea on when the Service 12.2 train and Desktop SU12 release is ready? 


I'm using the Send to back function together with the new Maintain layer order a lot and it hasn't been working after the November release.




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Thanks for getting back to us @v-lili6-msft 


I'm afraid SU12 means December.... 😲
Hope I'm wrong.

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All, as a workaround, changing the layer order via the Selection Pane still works. Just more clicks.



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Thanks a lot. The Selection Pane will work for now.

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I have not had a chance to test it @PerLindhoej but a new version of Power BI Desktop hit the Microsoft Store this morning. Might install that and see if it fixes it.



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Version 2.87.923.0 didn't solve the issue!