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Maintain Layer Order not working in PBI Service

See here:


In neither reports with previously working 'maintain layer order' or new reports this feature seems to be working as expected. I can confirm this was working a week ago, but no longer does.


Can be reproduced by the following steps:

1. Create a new .pbix file

2. Create a rectangle in one color (blue)

3. Create a second object (can be anything - slicer, button, shape all tested) in a different color (red)

4. Send the first rectangle to back in case it isn't already (it should already be in back)

5. Select blue rectangle, tick 'Maintain Layer Order'

6. Upload to service

7. Click blue rectangle


Observed results: Blue rectangle covers up the red rectangle and layer order is not maintained

Expected results: When clicking the blue rectangle, layer order should be maintained and it should not cover up the red rectangle.

Status: New
Regular Visitor

@VMz  you are right. But its not working since last 10-15 days. its a bug and i hope this will be fixed soon.

Regular Visitor

@VMz @iaops5 hmmm, I don't remember the feature requiring objects be grouped for it to work. I see now on some videos, this is something they pointed out as being required, but I'm like 98.5% positive the feature used to work for me while items were in or not in groups. I'm not saying it didn't work differently for other users... and, additionally, I don't think being a group ought to be prerequisite for the filter to work. The features name is "Maintain Layer Order" not "Maintain Grouped Layer Order" ... it just doesn't make sense that this limiter would even exist. Also, it doesn't make sense that the default setting for all objects has this turned off. I can't think of a single use case where I would actually want this feature turned off. I tried finding a way to make my custom theme set the property to on but I couldn't find any documentation showing that this property can be controlled by custom themes... if anyone knows how, please let me know. I would be very grateful.

Helper I

I am also encountering similar issue

Advocate II

Has there been any progress on this yet?  It's really impacting my users.  The shapes which were originally locked behind my slicers for aesthetic reasons are now being brought to the front of the slicers when a mis-click is made.  Very frustrating, it's like we're back to before "maintain layer order" was introduced!