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Mailto Links from Embedded PowerApps

Hi Guys,


I have a weird issue.  I want to launch a mailto link from inside a PowerApp embedded inside a Power BI report.  I created a simple PowerApp as a proof of concept and added a button to perform this action:


This works as expected when testing inside the PowerApps environment and opens up a new draft email window.  However, once I save and publish the PowerApp , when I then try and click the same button inside the embedded PowerApp from within my Power BI report, I immediately get a message saying:

Cannot Open Web Browser
The link is malformed:


Why does the button / link work inside the PowerApps dev environment but fail when published and accessed from within the PowerApps visual embedded within my Power BI report.


Seems like "mailto" links are not recognized by Power BI embedded PowerApps but they work just fine in the PowerApp when executed outside of Power BI.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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@ArloUSA ,


Please refer to the limitations and considerations as below:



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Hi Jimmy,


Thank you for the link. However it does not mention any restrixtions or issues with using mailto links inside a Launch action which is the issue I'm having.


Kind regards,