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Losing access to dashboards

The site is giving me an error:


[Dashboard] contains Power BI Pro content


the reports datasets are all hosting on my OneDrive Business. (An Excel workbook accessed via the web url)


I thought that was an issue since I recently put some data on the cloud. But older dashboards that didn't have an issue with now does. 


Was there a change to the service recently such that any on-prem data including OneDrive needs the personal gateway and Power BI Pro?


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Power BI team are currently working on improving the refresh of cloud based data sources. As part of this, one of the changes they have made recently is that new datasets that leverage import from Web pages will not be automatically configured for refresh in Power BI service, and will require the use of a gateway. Please consider using the Personal Gateway or On-Premises data gateway if you would like to use this capability. They are working on removing this restriction in the future.


Please keep an eye on this post.


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