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Location problem on bing map

I have a project in Power BI and I use the bing map to locate cities in Brazil, I've formatted the location field to be displayed as follows: "City, State, Country" When I click on Power BI Desktop the map displays the information normally When you load the report on Power Bi Web it loses the location references. It was working normally until 09/06/2017, could you help me with this problem?

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The Bing Maps team is forcing a two-fold change for Power BI; they are deprecated the Bing Maps v7 Control, and are also switching to a new geocoder. The target date is June 30th.


At this time, please download June 2017 version of PBI Desktop and define GEO hierarchy. To take full advantage of this, you'll need to set the Data Category for each column correctly. Please try to edit the report in Power BI desktop Jun release and republish it. See: Bing maps improvements.


In your scenario, changing Data Category of this column to Place should work.


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Actually we should make sure the DataCategory is set up right. If you are using comma separated strings as a workaround to the earlier geocoder limitations, you should change to use a hierarchy. In this case, create a column called "Country", set data category to Country / Region, and add it above the State and City in the hierarchy. Then Drill Down via Hierarchy Drill (fork icon). Users with comma separated concatenated values may see breaks like this depending on their data category.


Location problem on bing map_2.jpg


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Hi @v-haibl-msft,

I have the same problem, so i've tested what you proposed by downloading the PB Desktop June version and setting the location category to both my columns Continent and Country, but it doesn't work, they work separently but once i put them in a hierarchy the drill does not work.

I was hoping this bug would be corrected by the end of June but we're in July and nothing changed Smiley Sad






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After the last PowerBI update I was having this location problem but I managed to fix it. In my case it was just a "Cache" problem, I changed the name of the column that loads the location and PowerBI recognized it.
Example: Old name column = City; New column name = Location.