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Locale Date Time Formats (with *) show as M/d/yyyy in menu (Jan 2018 update)

In Power BI Desktop Jan 2018 release, with a Date or Date/Time field selected in the Fields pane, when you navigate to the Modeling ribbon / Format / Date Time menu, the options at the top (marked with an *) that respect the machine locale now show in US format (e.g. M/d/yyyy) on machines with non-US locales e.g. English (Australia).


This appears to only be a problem in the display of the menu.  When date fields are shown in a visual e.g. a Table, the expected non-US locale is used e.g. d/M/yyyy.  


This issue was introduced with the Jan 2018 update to PBI Desktop.

Status: Accepted
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It is solved for me now with an English (Australia) Locale


Yes the new build solved this issue for me, in both Slicer, Table and Matrix visuals. English (Australia) locale.


I think you can close this Issue.