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Linked bookmark bug in the March 2018 PBIRS Desktop optimized for report server

There is s bug when creating a bookmark and then adding a link to this bookmark from an image. The March 2018 desktop optimuzed for power bi report server March 2018 fsils to link to bookmark. Clicking on the linked image does not redirect to the linked bookmark, although the link setup was configured properly.
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Hi @oranimo,


I'm not able reproduce the issue on my side. After set the image link to a bookmark, press Ctrl +click on the image, it will display bookmarked content. 


Please update your Power BI desktop optimized for report server to the same version as ours 2.56.5023.1043 64-bit (March 2018). Also please test if our report works fine on your side. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Thank you Qiuyun Yu, indeed Ctrl+Click takes you to the linked bookmark. What got me confused is that a single click did not work. Why Ctrl key is required to link to bookmark? This is counterintuitive. Add to that, after trying the same link from the portal, it appears that in the report server portal a single click is enogh to follow to the linked bookmark, while in the desktop application optimized to report server a ctrl+click is required. This is inconsistency between the two reports.