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Link from ZoHo CRM to external report results in Not Authorized Report Access

I have created a link to a report with a querystring filter that accepts a CRM contact ID as a parameter and launches the Power BI report to show Sales info from that customer. Works great for me, however I shared the Power BI containing the report to an external user. If this user uses the link generated by the App, it works great. If I paste the URL in a custom link from ZoHo, the user is given a message stating the report no longer exists or they do not have access. It works fine for me.


It seems the only difference is clikcing a link from ZoHo CRM as opposed to pasting it into the browser address. Is this a bug or some sort of licensing issue.  The external user has a Power BI Pro license. Anyone know what the issue might be here?


The format of the link is below:********************/reports/*****************/ReportSection*********... eq '${Contacts.ID}'




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Hi @mcolbert


It looks like you are passing a URL filter parameter to filter a report in the published app, right? 


Please ensure there is a ctid parameter in the report URL from the app. See:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu