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Line and Clustered Column Chart no displaying properly in PBI Service

Since the update at the end of October, my visuals with multiple lines in a Line and Clustered column visual has not been displaying properly in Service.  My second and third lines look as if something else is running through them.


This is how the chart looks in Desktop

Desktop Line and Clustered Column chart.png


and this is how it looks in Service


Service Line and Clustered Column Chart.png


I have tried changing the shape type and size and nothing seems to improve what we see in service.


Any ideas or work arounds?



Status: New
Community Support

hi  @basont 

I have tested on my side, it works well.




my power bi desktop Version: 2.87.762.0 64-bit (November 2020)

and here is my sample pbix file, please try it to if it works in your side.



if possible, could you please share your sample pbix file for us have a test