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Line Charts with Constant Lines are not displaying properly in the Service

We have lots of reports that use Line Charts with two Constant Lines to mark the "Good" (97) and "Acceptable" (93) levels.


Starting today this charts are not displaying properly in the Power BI Service (in Desktop they look fine).    The charts are only displaying the range between the two constant lines (93-97).    Any values that fall outside this range can't be seen.


The Y-axis Start and End are set to Auto.


This is happening with reports that updated today as well as with reports that have not been updated recently and that used to display properly.


Republishing the reports has not helped.

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That seems to work fine for me. You may try the latest version to recreate the report.


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I have the same issue where my charts are being cut off at the reference line in the service but work fine in the desktop. After some testing I realized the issue was happening when I entered a value for the y-axis start. When I leave the y-axis start set to the default "auto" it doesn't get cut off, but as soon as I enter a y-axis start value of 0 then the chart gets cut off at the reference line in the service. However, I need to have specific start y-axis start values so leaving it set to "auto" is not an option for me.

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Same here. Below is the web view I'm seeingScreenshot 2020-10-27 115538.png

 and this is how it looks in PBI Desktop (latest version)

Screenshot 2020-10-27 115506.png


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Same here. Stacked column charts and Line charts with constant line and y-axis start value set to "0" no longer displays proper y-axis scaling on visual once published to PBI service. The visual cuts off all data that displays above the constant line (similar to image posted above, but cuts off top of data). Once y-axis start value is cleared and set back to "auto", then the y-axis scaling on visual with constant line displays properly once published to Service.


This is quite unfortunate as we do NOT want auto-scaled stacked column charts or line charts. It is a better practice for our reports to scale data properly with y-axis consistently beginning at 0. Please fix!

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I am having the same issue (the constant line is cutting off the the top of the line chart).

Another workaround before MS fix this is to set Y axis Start & End (1 = 100% here):-



Also reported in:


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Having a similar issue with average lines:

Screenshot (474).png

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Experiencing the same issue too since last week. 



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Same issue since last week, for graphs with Average line: