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Line Charts with Constant Lines are not displaying properly in the Service

We have lots of reports that use Line Charts with two Constant Lines to mark the "Good" (97) and "Acceptable" (93) levels.


Starting today this charts are not displaying properly in the Power BI Service (in Desktop they look fine).    The charts are only displaying the range between the two constant lines (93-97).    Any values that fall outside this range can't be seen.


The Y-axis Start and End are set to Auto.


This is happening with reports that updated today as well as with reports that have not been updated recently and that used to display properly.


Republishing the reports has not helped.

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New Member

I am having the same issue with all but the trend line.

Regular Visitor

Issue seems to have been fixed for me guys. Can you check from your end and confirm?

Resolver I

Yes all fixed for me now 👍🏼

Advocate II

Yes, fixed for me too.
Not heard from MS on this, but glad it got fixed 🎉

Not applicable

Issue fixed for me as well ✔️ 🎉

New Member

Did not fix it for me.  I am displaying a AVG constant line: 





After publishing:




New Member

I had this issue too. Seems to be resolved.