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Limit of uncompressed data has exceeded

Hi everyone,

I have a DashBoard where I loaded 9 csv files. The sum of the sizes is 6.26GB. It means the uncompressed size.

I load this files with less data in order to publish the dashboard in my work space and I created a Data Set to load this files.

My Workspace has 9,5GB free. And when I tried to refresh the data set I got the following message:

"The received uncompressed data on the gateway client has exceeded limit."

But, how I said, the sum of the files size is 6.26GB. It's not more than 10GB.

I don't know what to do to fix this problem once I read the Power BI documentation and it shows a size limit of 10GB of uncompressed files.

Anyone can help me?


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Data limit here is not related to model size. It is related to how much data is being transferred during refresh. There is a 10 GB limit on that. There is no data download limits in PBI desktop so it will be successful over there.


For more information please see and


Error: The received uncompressed data on the gateway client has exceeded limit. The exact limitation is 10 GB of uncompressed data per table. If you are hitting this issue, there are good options to optimize and avoid the issue. In particular, reducing the use of highly repetitive, long string values and instead using a normalized key or removing the column (if not in use) will help.


The comments provided by Burningsuit in this thread should also be helpful to understand.


Best Regards,

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That's annoying