Legend Issue in line and clustered column chart

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by PVINOD91 Visitor on ‎01-29-2019 09:23 PM

I am Currently facing an issue with legend in line and clustered column chart. In desktop file, legend is appearing in right order but once published the order is incorrect. Please look at the image below and advise to fix this issue.


Power BI Issue.pngPlease look at the legends


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by Super User
on ‎01-29-2019 09:32 PM

You can use SortByColumn to fix the sort order of your legends. 

by PVINOD91 Visitor
on ‎01-29-2019 11:21 PM

Currently I am using both Primary and Secondary Y Axis. 3,6,12,24 are the legends of Primary Axis. Volumes Quantity is for Secondary Axis. So i dont think "Sort by Column" can help to fix this issue. Please suggest some other idea to fix this issue.

by Moderator v-yuezhe-msft
on ‎01-31-2019 12:41 AM


This is a known issue and engineers are working on this issue.


by Moderator v-yuezhe-msft
on ‎01-31-2019 12:42 AM
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by GabrieleP New Member
on ‎01-31-2019 03:19 AM

I'm facing the same issue between PBI Desktop and PBI Cloud. The legend order display changes between the two versions. Hopefully, it will be fixed quickly.

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