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Latest Version of PBI Desktop Crashes, Freezes, and is Unusable

Apparently, no one QAs product releases at Microsoft anymore. I installed the latest version of PBI Desktop and reports that have always functioned properly now experience fatal issues regarding memory consumption or produce strange exceptions. Plus, PBI Desktop continues to run in the background after closing the app, which the latest release did not address.


Copying and pasting visuals no longer works correctly either.


Please advise. Ugh.

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I do not have consumption error. 

But when I refreshed my report, it continuely loading. Stuck there.

I need to close it in the task manager.


This update release is bad. 

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I'm experiencing the exact same issue. 😞 A report that worked without a problem the day before I got the version update is now loading for 15 minutes in my Desktop. When making changes it takes 100% of my CPU, I cannot think of opening 2 reports at once.

Please, please fix this! Any suggestions on workarounds or how we can fix this?



Power BI not responding.PNG

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I have noticed similar issues. Also the issue that @TheresaLui  mentioned about refreshes completing and just sitting there. All the data has been refreshed but it just sits and loads forever.


Below are some of the connection/permissions issues I've been having since updating.


Power BI Error.pngUnable to save document.png

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My problem got resolved by uninstalled the PBI desktop and reinstall it again. (skip the auto reinstall) Everything act expected after. 


If it still does not help, my reinstalled version is x64. I am not sure which version I had on the last run. You might need to install another version so PBI would not fretch the same old bit. 


Hope it helps.



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The update file is broken, as soon as you try to install, this message appears "Are you sure to cancel the instalation .....?. Then if you press Yes or No, it that's matter, it freezes. 

I'm also uninstall the previous PBI (June)


Version is x64


You need to relaunch this update

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Is there a site to go to to access the June PBI download? All I can find on Microsoft's site is the July download.

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I also have to add that the latest Power BI desktop version is completely buggy and laggy.


It seems that when I edit a table relationship, the entire ribbon freezes (the part with the tabs of Home, View, etc) and all the buttons/options freeze as well. 


I got an alert in the bottom right of Power BI telling me that there was an update available. I installed it yesterday and the bugs are the same or worse (I'm doing security roles stuff today and that's been terrible but I can't say it's worse than the last version because I wasn't doing any security roles stuff when I had the last version installed). 

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@Anonymous - I've also noticed the ribbon freezes recently. I primarily notice it when doing anyting with measures. (But that is likely just because that's what I've been doing a lot recently)


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Same deal here - reports won't open now without a crash. Has anyone had success finding the June release?


I tried uninstall/reinstall with no success.

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Hi @Anonymous,

For the freezes on the ribbon and menus, I've found a workaround. Just click on the icon of the application on your taksbar ribbon, and then get back in the PBI desktop.  The tricky part is when you have more than 1 report open.

Anyways, I totally agree with you - the last version is a nightmare, especially when you have DAX aggregated tables.