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Latest Version of PBI Desktop Crashes, Freezes, and is Unusable

Apparently, no one QAs product releases at Microsoft anymore. I installed the latest version of PBI Desktop and reports that have always functioned properly now experience fatal issues regarding memory consumption or produce strange exceptions. Plus, PBI Desktop continues to run in the background after closing the app, which the latest release did not address.


Copying and pasting visuals no longer works correctly either.


Please advise. Ugh.

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft, would you or someone from your team please comment on this thread? We need someone on the Power BI team to guide us in finding a resolution to this problem even if the extent of the guidance is telling us how to properly submit issues to your team. 

Thank you, 


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Moderators of this Power BI forum: Your silence on this issue is deafening. 

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@Anonymous  Agreed! It's a real loss of confidence in the product for me personally. I still think Power BI is amazing, but I definetly will not be updating my PBI desktop each month until I know there aren't basic issues like this.

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There are definitely some stability issues within the last release or two. I've never seen Power BI crash so much, but it normally doesn't do this.

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I have the same problem after I save my pbix and try to publish it will freeze.  However; I have noticed I have several copies of PowerBI desktop running. When I close down the other occurances the pbix I am trying publish unfreezes and I am able to publish.   Not sure if that will help, but seems to work for me.