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Latest Power BI update broke Google Cloud BigQuery connections, both desktop and server/embedded

We have dashboards *in production* for several clients that stopped updating since 2 days ago. We have tried everything from reconnecting with the same credentials, new credentials, trying to connect from PBI Desktop, and nothing works unless we keep the row count for each entity very low (1000 rows works for instance). This is an URGENT issue as we have clients who use the embedded dashboards and they are not updating. Please let us know if this will not be fixed so we can look into alternatives to PBI.

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Hi everyone,


Engineers are working on a fix and expect it to be deployed by end-of-day 11/09/2020. You may keep an eye on the Awareness.

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This issue is still happening for me, on the latest PBI Desktop 2.87.923.0 64-bit (November 2020)

Refresh from Big Query fails with the error below, job not found.  Dataset is in a non-US location.  It only seems to fail on large queries (that have multiple stages when run in Google Cloud).
If I run 'bq show -j' command in google cloud to view that job, it errors.
The location must be specified in the format project:location:job_id

- Changing the view in Big Query to limit the rows, or reduce the column size, sometimes allows the refresh to succeed (I guess by making it smaller into a single stage job)

- Preview in PowerBI works even if the refresh job fails