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Large datasets won't publish unless network band is greater than 2.4 GHz

We have recently been experiencing an issue with publishing large datasets to our premium capacity workspace/apps while on a network band that is at 2.4 GHz. When attempted, the error message below is returned.



I have tried to upload the .pbix through the workspace, rather than publishing through the .pbix but the upload fails. As a workaround, we have to connect to our phone hot spot which has a network band of 5 GHz in order to publish successfully. Has anyone experienced this? Or know how to resolve this issue?

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Community Support

Hi @anneliesbuck ,

Could not reproduce it in my side.

The potential reason may be that the low-band network is not stable enough. We recommend that you use a wired network or use a high-band wireless network to publish as you said.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li