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Keyboard accessibility for Embedded Charts

Not all actionable elements in an Embedded Power BI chart are reachable via Keyboard. Please handle Keyboard navigavation for all actionable elements for Keyboard accessible users.

Status: Needs Info
New Member

In Power BI Embedded Charts, Some actionable elements are visible only on hover. This does not go well with accessibile users. Please provide an option to make all actionable elements visible at all times. 


Hi @rajasri,


Did you use Power BI Embedded to render report? Can you share some screenshots to elaborate this issue?


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Status changed to: Needs Info
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While consuming a published Power BI web report with a keyboard or screen reader, I can navigating to the Show data window but then any keyboard strokes changes the focus back to the report page.


I am unable to explore the data used in the viusal in an HTML table (in the Show data window), using the keyboard shortcuts (down arrow) you normally use with a screen reader.


Browser: Internet Explorer

IE Version: 11.0.9600.19155


UPDATE: This is only an issue on the above mentioned browser and version, Chrome, Firefox and Edge work well.