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Key Influencers visual embedding inconsistency



We have noticed that the key influencers visual is very inconsistent when trying to use power bi embedded.

It sometimes loads the visual and sometimes doesn't and just shows a blank space where the visual is supposed to be.


Is the visualization supported in embedding? if it's not, can you make it error out and not just show nothing?


I've tried on all major browsers (ones that aren't being deprecated) and the issue is always there.

I can see more consistent results of the visual showing up on the new edge browser(dev branch) though.


From what I can see, when it loads, it also loads the insights.min.js.

But when it doesn't load, it doesn't even try loading that script file. 

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Community Support



Check Considerations and troubleshooting section and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.


New Member

@hoonybro90 i experience the same issue.  I wait a few minutes (without closing the browser), refresh the page and it works.  it's frustrating especially when on demo's.  

Advocate IV

hi @v-chuncz-msft, I can see no mention on embedding in the linked article.

Can you check with the team to clarify that this isn't a platform-wide issue?


Thank you