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Key Influencer bug with RLS and/or Categorical fields

For some reason key influencer visuals with a categorical analysis type do not work well with RLS. When I view the visual as owner, the visual works fine. When I preview as a test user, the visual returns "Measures were not included in the analysis because a unique identifier could not be found". If I swap the analyze field with a measure the visual works fine in both cases. There is an index on the table.

Status: New
Community Support

@MontyBurns ,


Please refer to the consideration below:

If the customer table doesn't have a unique identifier, you can't evaluate the measure and it's ignored by the analysis. To avoid this situation, make sure the table with your metric has a unique identifier. In this case, it's the customer table and the unique identifier is customer ID. It’s also easy to add an index column by using Power Query.





Jimmy Tao

New Member

Thanks Jimmy. The table has an index column.