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Key Influencer Visual Column names are not renamed

Hi All


Bug description: Renaming fields in "explain by" section is not reflected in Key influencers visual.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add key influencer visual to canvas
  2. Add numeric to Analyze section
  3. Add 1-n fields to Explain by section
  4. Doubleclick field in Explain by section and rename to another name
  5. Column name is still the same as before in results view in Key influencer visual
Status: Accepted
Frequent Visitor

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft 

Thanks for letting me know the target release for this fix. Looking forward to June (hoping that by then Corona will also be fixed 😉)




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Qiuyun Yu (@) Said:


I got information below:

"We have created a bug to track this.

As a workaround, the customer can set 'Do no summarize' on that field and the analysis will do the same thing and renaming will work."


Please note that this workround doesn't work for the name of the field as shown on the x-axis title in the key influencer drill down chart in the right hand pane.

Community Support

Hi @Elektryon , @PaulCooper ,


The issue had been fixed. Please have a try. Hope it is working perfectly on your side.😉

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Hi @v-xuding-msft 
Yes, it works now perfectly. Thanks a lot for the change!

Community Support

Hi @Elektryon ,


You're welcome. And thanks for sharing the exciting message as well. If you will have any questions, please feel free to ask us in forum.😊