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KPI visual not exporting to Powerpoint properly

I have seen a few posts on here regarding this, but has been ongoing for months.


KPI visuals when being exported to PowerPoint are shown as block text for the value only - not longer showing the target and percentage variance.



BI error.JPG


Please fix asap.



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Hi @ldm40,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Would you please test again? 




Also you can test with our report to see if KPI visual is fine after exporting. 


Best Regards,

Qiuyun Yu 

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I have the same issue. When I export the report to Power Point the Goal and Distance disappear. 


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I have realised it depends on the size of the visual - when it is exported it is distorted: the font changes to bold, and a large gap appears between the Indicator and the Goal/Distance. What was happening in my one is that the gap pushes it out of visibility.


In the example you posted, the gap between indicator and goal also increases significantly, but since the visual is large to begin with it stays visible. I can get around this by making the KPI visuals bigger so that it remains visibile, but this isn't preferable as it means the visual needs to take up almost a quarter of the page.


Previously it would export exactly as it appears in the PBI report. Please look into getting this restored