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KPI visual not able to display a measure formatted as percentage in Azure Analysis Services

We have created a report based on a tabular model created in Azure Analysis Services (live connection). All measures are created in AAS. For some reason, the standard KPI visual is not able to display a measure formatted as percent in AAS as a percent in the Power BI report.

This is the measure definition:


EBITDA i % = DIVIDE([EBITDA (driftsresultat)],[Brutto varesalg])

This is the formatting in AAS shown in Tabular Editor:

KPI format.PNG



This is how the KPI visual looks like in Power BI:

KPI visual.PNG


The measure displays correctly in the standard card visual and in Excel when connected to AAS. It also displays correctly in the KPI visual if we create the measure directly in Power BI and format it as a percentage there.


Is this a known bug with the KPI visual or is there another format string that should be used in AAS? 

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@SimJohann ,


Not sure if this issue could be summarized as a bug or a by-design issue. But I have found a similar idea, you could vote for this idea.



Jimmy Tao

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Thanks @v-yuta-msft ,


It is not a general bug, as the format string works with e.g. the Card visual, Table visual, Matrix visual. It is just the KPI visual that does not display the measure format correctly.

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Actually I think it is this idea that is the correct one - and a fix is under way, presumably. Will wait then 🙂