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KPI not displaying correct value

I'm not sure if this is bug or by design but the native KPI visual is only displaying the latest value of a measure given. For example if you have table:


Label    Value   Date

A            13      1/1/2018

B             43     1/2/2018

C            32      1/3/2018



If I create a measure (or even just use the column for an implicit measure) and place it on KPI in indicator field, the value displayed ignores the measure calculations and only displays latest value. THis is confirmed by clicking on three dots on KPI and showing data in table to see KPI is only displaying the latest. In this sample table, it would display 32 since Date column used for trend axis. 


My expectation is the KPI should display and honor whatever aggregation I place. For example if I made a measure that did AVERAGE(value), and placed it on KPI, it should display the overall average of the value, not the latest value. In my customer's data the KPI is ignoring explicit/implicit aggregation options and only displaying latest value. Hope this makes sense.


NOTE: I cannot share customer data file. This is using latest PBI desktop build, x64, version 2.56.5023.1021 (March 2018). OS is Windows 7 x64. 

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Hi @sqlchicken,


A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is based on a specific measure and is designed to help you evaluate the current value and status of a metric against a defined target. See:


In your scenario, to show average value for all values, you can create a measure:


Avg = CALCULATE(AVERAGE('Table1'[Value]);all('Table1'))




Please not the trend axis background will not display. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


Ah that totally explains it, thank you! Once I rewrote the measure it displayed expected number. I was expecting the KPI to display the average based on the whole but I see with a straight AVERAGE(col) without the CALCULATE context, it was doing it per row and only displaying latest. Thanks.

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Hello All,

I'm encountering a weird issue where the trend  axis disappears from the kpi visual as soon a s a publish it . I see it in my power bi  desktop  and also when i  download and open the published pbix . However, for some reason it's not showing up on the web once i publish it . Also , I started encountering this yesterday  and have deleted and republshed the pbix multiple times, switched browsers but no luck still :-(. 

    Has anyone  encountered the same issue before?. Any suggestions/ ideas will be super helpful.