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KPI Turns Out All WRong Not meet Expectation


hi , 

i don't understand my file , i feel like i did the wrong thing and have no ideas how to settle this. 

i used multiple BI with multiple reports and feel like this KPI turn out wrong and really not meet expection. 


* My Data has only jan until Aug in 2018 , and Jan - Dec in 2017. the data turn out the comparision until sep , dec 2018 . 

* TY Vs. LY sales , i visualize on matrix table , it doesn't appear any data , 

* i use dimdate , the data turn out the same between month to month. 


My expectation is to get the KPI , TY , LY , TY VS. LY and arrows up and down. 

but it doesn't meet what i'm looking for. 

i shared the link above and can you all help me to fix this ? 

Thanks you so much 

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Your KPI measures look like they're working fine.  The reason they visually appear to be wrong is because your data is strange....the 2017 monthly values are exactly (within rounding) half of the 2018 monthly values.  Therefore the variance is almost exactly 100% year on year.   Perhaps get a different set of data and it should look OK.


Regards, David