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June release of desktop possible bugs

For a clustered column bar chart with hierarchy, in the properties for the X-axis, there's an option to turn concatenation off. If you drill down the hierarchy, even when option turned off it is still concatenating the fields for the x-axis label. Is this intended behavior? 


Another strange behavior I've noticed is when trying to adjust the title of a visual, you turn title on then click in the text field to start modifying the title name. As you're typing input if you do a space, it will "knock you out" of focus of the pane and you need to click on text field again to continue editing. This is intermittent, I can't seem to repro every time. Try doing it with fresh visual rather than existing one. 



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Hi @sqlchicken,


1. Please check if the chart is sort based on the X axis values, see: 




2. This should be the issue related to Title property position order changed automatically, the fix will come late July.  See:


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Qiuyun Yu

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Seconded the visual title issue.

I thought that was just me.