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June 2019 Update - Light Theme



The new light theme pane is giving me headaches. I do not think you should have released the June 2019 Update with the light theme without a dark one. It is really hard for me to read and impacting my work.


Please send out a patch with the old pane while you are developing the dark theme.

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@paulalmond91  wrote:

Sure but is PowerBI really for the standard Office 365 user? As others have mentioned I would have placed this alongside other developer products such as Visual Studio/VS Code etc.

I can't imagine the average user is going to pick up PowerBI.


I totally agree that it's more for a developer, I was just too lazy to open up VS for the screenshot since I was working in Excel 🙂 In Visual Studio 2017 - I have 4 Theme options. Consistency across products in the same category would be nice.


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73 votes and it's still not being accepted.


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