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June 2019 Update - Cannot Filter Null Dates

Prior to the June 2019 update, I was able to filter out null date values using the filter. However, that is no longer working. Has anyone else encountered this? Null is a valid value for this date column.

I have tested this in Power BI without the June 2019 update and it works as expected - that is, I can replace the null value or filter the table.

The below pictures show the columns. As shows, the null value is present. 

Even if I try to do a replace, it doesn't replace the value = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Added Conditional Column",null,#date(1999, 1, 1),Replacer.ReplaceValue,{"resolution_dt"})




I have confirmed that in the June update that you can still filter out the null values on a text field.


Is there a link to download the May 2019 version so I can keep developing until this is fixed? I have confirmed in another PBIX on a machine which did not update that this functionality works.

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Hey, i had the same issue with a "Text" field. I was able to solve it, but adding in a step that converts from "Text" to "Text".


So, I'd say, trying adding a step that changes field from "Date" to "Date" before filtering out nulls and see how that goes.


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Hi @TMOCostanzo


I tested with the Power BI desktop version 2.70.5494.562 64-bit (June 2019), but didn't reproduce the issue. Please test with our sample report to check if the same issue occurs. 




You can download May Power BI desktop here:




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I am also seeing this issue.



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Also seeing the same issue here. I have a function creates a list of dates based on a start and end date, but I try to check for null first, and it's just erroring now. I can work around it by telling it to remove the error rows, but this all worked fine before the update. It affects desktop and the service it seems.

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Same issue here -


if [Earliest] <> null and [Latest] <> null then List.Dates([Earliest], Duration.TotalDays([Latest] - [Earliest])+1, #duration(1,0,0,0)) else null

This was returning NULL in the May release for null values, but in the June release is returning ERROR

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Can confirm the issue for a date column in Power BI Desktop June Version:


"if [DateColumn] <> null" goes wrong, i.e. does not return "false" even if the column actually is "null"


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I don't know what to tell you if you have this many people confirming the issue. Perhaps it is related to having a May based PBIX? 


Also, I forgot to thank you for providing the screenshot. I had clicked the link at the top of the post without thinking to scroll to the bottom.

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I'm facing the same issue... this seems to be an unfortunate bug of this version. @Anonymous @MicrosoftADE @v-yuta-msft  , please take a look at this asap 😉


I have tons of code using this kind of null filtering and they are just broken.


Version: 2.70.5494.562 64-bit (junho de 2019)



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Same Issue on a numeric column:Null Has Stopped Working.JPG

I have tried adding a step to evaluate if [Count] = null then 0 else [Count].  Have also tried using "is null" instead of = null but no longer working.

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This looks like another impact of the same bug I reported on a separate thread:


There's a workaround in there for Text fields.


@v-qiuyu-msft -  I realise reproduction may be difficult, but the facts of so many unrelated users experiencing the exact same issue, starting at the same time would seem to confirm there is a bug in the recent update.


Anyone thinking of rolling back to the May release, be aware that your datasets wont refresh in the web service, where this bug was introduced just before the June update was announced.