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Issues with "CSS Commercial Service Delivery, Commercial ME Dashboard" "My Scorecard View"

Hello, I have a problem with the report from "CSS Commercial Service Delivery Commercial ME Dashboard" "My Scorecard View" as the data presented in this report is not correct. For example the Closed SR Count YTD is showing me 21 cases, which is absolutely not correct. In the past fiscal year I have over 50 closed cases only in Rave + the ones I closed in MSSolve. Will this issue be fixed? or is anyone investigating this issue? Thanks, Kind Regards!

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The requirement is not very clear. For any time intelligence function, you could implement a custom DAX formula.

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@v-chuncz-msft The requirement is to have someone fixing this report to show accurate data: As a support engineer, this report is supposed to reflect my work and my impact over the business, but in this moment the data presented in this report is completely wrong. This report is showing less than half of my work for the past fiscal year and I need this data to complete my connects and internal reports. Please identify someone to have a look at this report and check where is this wrong data coming from. Thanks, Kind Regards!
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