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Issues with fields in power BI online

Hey, I'm currently building a Power BI Report / Dashboard, in conjunction with Power Automate and msForms to setup a system for internal HR.


I have switched from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Online because I need Dashboards and Alerting if values drop below certain values.


However, in my Power BI Report, not all fields are visible. Below you can see a column in an Excel file which, for obvious reasons, has personal information removed.



However, it is not visible in the online datasource:



In Power BI Desktop all columns were visible and I was able to see what data is loaded via de Query tool, however in Power BI Online I find this to be missing.. Anyone with a clue on how to proceed and how to get this column to be visible? I have this with 4 columns. 


Hopefully this is the correct part of the forum to post this, I posted this in the wrong place before but am unable to remove that post

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@LeonM1 ,


Do you mean this some columns disappear in power bi service in the edit mode? If so, I 'm afraid I could not reproduce this issue. If possiblem please share more details about the data source, workspace, modification in your data source and other operations you have done before this issue occured.



Jimmy Tao

New Member



I was able to isolate the issue with the columns header, if I change the name of the header, it appears in my Power BI Data source. If I change it back to the original name, it dissapears. 


I tried to remove special characters but this did not help. It could be a character limit or something else, but since it is working now when I've shortened the title I'll leave it at that. The Excel sheet in itself is not meant to be used anyway. 


Thank you for your interest Jimmy 😉