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Issues using rebindreportingroup

I am running into an issue with the Power BI Python SDK, concerning the rebind command.


Steps to reproduce:

Have dataset: dataset1.

Make a new report1 against dataset1.

Release report1 to your organization by clicking "Update App" in the App Workspace.

Make changes to dataset1, and release as dataset2.

Use the rest api to rebind report1 to dataset2.

Re-release the report by clicking "Update App."


The report in the App (which is released to the organization) is still based on dataset1 (or in some cases it has disappeared entirely from the App).

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Community Support Team

Hi @CasperLehmann,


I tested with the exact steps you shared. The result is good without any issues. One small difference is that I used the Postman to call the Api.

I didn't aware a Power BI Python SDK. Can you share the link to the site?


Best Regards,


Community Support Team
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Please have a look at this gist:


The report _test is based off of BI Core 0.3.7, as seen in the version log on the right:



I run the script linked above, and choose _test as my target report.




Then I rebind it to BI Core 0.3.6:




And confirm the rebinding:




Back on Power BI Service, I now see the report _test (in the workspace) is rolled back to version 0.3.6 as expected:




Then I click on Update app (and confirm a couple of times).




And get the confirmation:




Now when I open the app and go to my report, I expect it to be based on version 0.3.6, but in actuality, it is still based on version 0.2.6, which is the version it was originally based off of, when I initially uploaded the report.





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Oh yeah, I misremembered. It wasn't an SDK, just the rest API. Sorry about that.


This should be the end-point in question.

Community Support Team

Hi @CasperLehmann,


I have reported this issue to the Product Team: CRI 102274346. I will update here later. The workaround could be unpublishing it and then republishing it.


Best Regards,


Community Support Team
Status changed to: Accepted
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Thanks a lot!

Community Support Team

Hello @CasperLehmann,


The Product Team is working on the fix. The workarounds are as follows for now.

- either unpublish the app and then publish a new one, or

- toggle off all impacted reports and update the app, then add back the reports and update the app again.


Best Regards,


Frequent Visitor

Alright, I'll do that. Do you have an ETA on the fix?