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Issues refreshing when a table with a Merged Query exists.



I have this data model for a long time but a few days before I made a simple merge of queries. In the PowerBi desktop I can refresh data without any problems. However, after update pbix file to the service, I can´t refresh data anymore.


When I undo this simple merge queries everything go normal.


This is an issue of the power bi service or a am I doing something wrong?


Thank you very much.



Código de erro subjacente:-2147467259 Table: f_fn.
Mensagem de erro subjacente:Information is needed in order to combine data
URI de
ID de atividade:dcbcf0b2-17b4-4afa-a0e7-712d304f4791
ID do Pedido:7851f273-1d0d-9550-7de8-587d8eb12133
Hora:2019-11-25 12:18:46Z
Status: New
Community Support

Hi @rsaldanha


May I know which kind of gateway you have configured for the datase, on-premises data gateway or on-premises data gateway (personal mode)? Please open the same report in Power BI desktop, go to Data Sources Settings, ensure Privacy Level of these two data sources are the same Organizational then republish the report to Power BI Service.  


If the dataset uses the on-premises data gateway to refresh data, please go to Manage Gateways section, find these two SQL data sources, ensure their Privacy Level is Organizational. 


If it's the latter, please use fast combine feature follow this document. Before modifying the configuration file, do back up the file. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu