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Issue with new look page name

I just want to report a bug with the new look. The report/page name in the new look doesn't work, in below screenshot, the report name is Customer Details but the title in the middle is Farmlands Last 13 Month Trading:





Status: Accepted
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Same issue here.  In the image below, the Title is supposed to be iGlass Editor NG.  Instead it shows up as XOM Legacy (EMLO) - Daily Update which is one of my Power BI Dashboards.  Also, sometime in the last week, the Last Updated Stamp has also disappeared.

Report Title is wrong and no longer shows Last Date Refreshed.JPG


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Has this just been fixed?


issue appears to have been fixed from what I can see... assuming it is fixed, Microsoft needs to do a better job with updating/closing out these issues... 

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Agreed. Looks like the issue is resolved.