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Issue with dashboard custom url and power bi bookmarks

I have a dashboard that I want to use a custom url to take me to the power bi report bookmark.  I only need to use a custom url because you don't currently support navigating the dashboard item to the report bookmark, only the report.  Please look at adding the ability to take the dashboard item to the bookmark that way users can see the exact logic/data/report that the dashboard is showing.  My workaround was to use the custom url and point to the bookmark url.  This was working but now, power bi is loading the bookmark then stripping the bookmark back to the default app url.  Please fix this asap!

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I created and published a report with the latest version of Power BI Desktop. Both report bookmarks
and personal bookmarks work well.



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The bookmark works fine until you add the bookmark url as a custom url on the dashboard tile.  When you click the dashboard to take you to the custum url (the bookmark url), it starts to navigate to the url of the bookmark but then strips the ending bookmark part off and does not navigate to the actual bookmark url.