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Issue with Summarization on Power BI -- basic table


Suddenly I am having this issue where my "whole number" data (formatted as whole number) cannot be summarized at all without creating a SUM measure. Before, I could use a table, and drop a whole number data format column and it would SUM it or I could change it to AVERAGE or COUNT, etc. But right now, no matter what I do, it does not show any option for summarization - no SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNT(DISTINCT). Please help. 

FYI - columns are formatted as whole numbers. Here are some screenshots:

1st screenshot: showing that this column with the name "EMAIL COUNT" is type and format as Whole number.


2nd screenshot: table not summing the data and not showing any option for summarization for the same column. 


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@v-chuncz-msft Thank you for the reply. The link you provided does seem to point the right direction to the solution I need, but it does not directly apply to me as I do not have a calculation group in this particular report. Please let me know if implicit measures are disabled in any other cases.