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Issue with Slicer not filtering for a particular value ONLY!! Please Help!!

Hi All,


I am facing a weird error while filtering a table with all data from a month slicer.

The slicer is working for all months except for April value "01-Apr-18".The table turns blank for April.


I have my relations connected (1:M) and working well for all other months.Also, checked the datatype and made it consistent for all the relations across datasets.


Even i checked my using the same filter for months to slice the table containing only that same month column then also it is blank for April. This is really weird and making me  stressed as i need to release this dashboard but cant really rectify this issue.


Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


Status: New
Community Support

Hi @SP,


Please add a table visual into the report, drag Report Month, Monthly Sales By Rep columns to the table visual. When you select the April value "01-Apr-18" in the slicer visual, please check if Monthly Sales By Rep has value for this month in the table visual. 


As there is a relationship between these two tables, please use the field which is used for building a relationship with Report month column to filter Monthly Sales By Rep. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu