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Issue with Report Builder on PBI Service

I am having an issue where within the PBI report builder IDE my paginated report works as intended. However, when I publish the report to the service through my gateway I is not pulling back any records. I am using and oracle DB connection. Has anyone experienced this issue, and have a solution for it? Any guidence would be appreciated.

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Hi @khwillia


Was there any error message pops out when you viewed the paginated report in Power BI service? 


Please ensure the gateway is configured correctly for this paginated report:


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Qiuyun Yu

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No there was not any error message. When I am designing the reports withing the report builder everything is working. However, when I publish it to the service everything loads up as normal with the exception of where items from the DB should be are blank.


I have checked the gateway to ensure the capacity settings are set for the reports, and the gateway works with PBI desktop reports and dashboards. This leads me to believe that the gateway is set up properly.