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Issue using Group By within Dataflow



Issue using Group By within Dataflow, how to fix it?


Steps to reproduce


Power BI Service > Workspaces > Dataflows > Create Dataflow > Define new entities > OData > Enter Business Central 261 G/L Entries OData URL.


Remove all columns except:




Highlight Posting_Date > Transform > Date > Month > Start of month





Group By > Advanced > Group By all except Amount, SUM Amount



After that it throws the following error:




Expression.Error: The key didn't match any rows in the table.DetailsKey = [G_L_Account_No = "6100", Posting_Date = "2020-04-01", Dimension_Set_ID = 123]
Table = #table({"G_L_Account_No", "Posting_Date", "Dimension_Set_ID", "Amount"}, {})

Tried the same Group By using Document Date > Transform > Date > Month > Start of month which also produces the same error.


Doing a Group By without a Date columns works perfectly well, but I need the Posting Date




Before Group By the Posting Dates shows perfectly well, no errors.


How can this be fixed?? Any suggestions please?

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Community Support

@Landcrab ,


Have you tried the same operation in the lateset version power bi desktop?



Jimmy Tao

Helper I

@v-yuta-msft  - yes it works in Power BI Desktop, its only in Dataflows there is a issue.

Helper I

Solved. Just kept on trying the same over a few days from scratch and now it works 🙂 Not great that Dataflows are so flaky when doing Group By Dates, leave it for MS to look it to wider issue. All works perfectly well in PBI Desktop, only Dataflows have this date issue.