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Issue updating large data set from Smartsheet

I am trying to pull a report from Smartsheet onto Power BI that has 20,000+ rows and 34 columns.


If I lower the amount of rows I am pulling into Power BI, the data refresh works without any problems. I've also tried isolating the issue to see if it was a particular row causing a problem. The error message I receive only shows up if there are over 10,000 rows.


The error message I see is "OLE DB or ODBC error: [DataSource.Error] Web.Contents failed to get the contents from' (429):Too Many Requests."


Now one interesting thing that changes is the page that error happens on (sometimes its page=23, sometimes its page=15).


I am using the most recent update of Power BI.


I have tried reconnecting my Smartsheet account on the data settings page. I've also tried redirecting the data to the correct report on Smartsheet.


Nothing has seemed to work besides lowering hte number of rows that I process.


Is there a solution that doesn't require me pulling from multiple reports on Smartsheet and appending them together?

Status: New

I'm seeing this too with one of my clients. For us the failure happens on page 11 (500 records per page) so in our case it fails at precisely 5,000 records.