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Issue: matrix visual does not show data



As of today, it seems that the matrix visual is having some issues in the PowerBI service (web).

Reports that worked fine yesterday, don't show data anymore in the matrix visual.

Other visuals seem to work fine. If I change a matrix to a column chart, I see data.

What happened and how can this be solved without having to change the report?

The source of the reports is a SSAS multidimensional live connection.


We had a similar issue in the past (previous issue). Back then I found a work around, however now I don't seem to find a temporary solution.


Thanks for your quick answer and solution.



Status: Accepted
Advocate I

Same goes for me as well. Worked on monday, today - Matrix visual is blank. Im connected live through analyse studio (SSAS), via gateway. Pls fix this, we are over 10.000 users, waiting for their reports....Its critical, when most of our financial reports in the company are in matrix visuals...

Advocate I


The visuals work fine in Power BI desktop, and on mobile device with the app, but not in the service,

Regular Visitor

Same issue here when using live connection, works in desktop but not in the service. All matrix visuals are shown blank.

Advocate I

I have the same issue using live connection to SSAS. 

Anyone figured out any possible workarounds? 

Regular Visitor

I have the same issue. Please create a ticket for this problem. I already got response from the support, but no solution. It seems that it works with some SSAS connections and with some not. This problem exists since the last update. In the prior Power BI app it was still working fine. So some of my colleagues had the old version and it worked. For now there is no workaround for this. The only way would be if you create a table visual, but that is not the best way to solve this.


So when you have this issue, please create a ticked. I did this yesterday and you can refere to that one. Just search for Matrix table not working...


best regards





Helper I

Same problem here. We are using a live connection to a SSAS multidimensional model.

Regular Visitor

Same issue since yesterday. We are also using a live connection to a SSAS model.

The matrixes are not displayed in PowerBI Services but they are visible when the report is exported to PowerPoint.

Helper II

same issue here. I refreshed in PowerBI Desktop and then the data on the table view disapeared. 10/09 - with data and after refresh 11/09 without data. Whereas the original table are still there. Strange is that not all table view disappeared. And I am able to rebuild all- but this is a lot of work.refreshed table.JPGPBI - before refreshb.JPGPBI -  after refresh.JPG

Advocate I

Hey, I have posted a ticket for this issue, and I have communicated with Microsoft, and sent them logs, and they are now investigate this issue.

Regular Visitor

Hi, I have same issue...any news of when this will be fixed ?