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Issue installing apps to external user

I am trying to publish an app to an external user using the "Install the app automatically option" but the app does not appear in his App list and is also not available using Get Apps. 


When the user clicks on the app link he can open the app but it is not linked to his office365 user profile (it has the same email address but is missing his profile picture).  The app is also not available when he uses the Power BI mobile app.

I have tried removing him as a guest user from AAD and adding him back but still the same.


Any idea what is causing this?

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Community Support Team

@stevepickering ,


Not very clear about the meaning of "missing his profile picture". The external user can only view the app through the link which they have received in the email.


For more limitations about B2B share, I would suggest you to read the limitationa and considerations part in doc below:



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Thanks Jimmy,  but you can install apps for guest users. I have done it many times before.  It also says so in the document link you provided.


by profile picture I mean the picture of the user in the circle next to the user name. When he logs into PowerBI his picture shows next to his name but when using the app link the picture is missing and just his initials are showing


@stevepickering, in my experience with Azure AD B2B, profile pictures are not sycned from the user account in the home tenant to their guest account in the inviting tenant. B2B documentation seems to support this, but I don't recall ever reading anything that explicitly addresses the profile picture. If there are others who have experienced differently, I'd be curious to hear from them. 


For what it's worth, if you have or can get the profile photos of the guest users, you could add it manually via the Azure AD portal, or via PowerShell script if there are a large number of users.


That all said, at the end of the day, if the guest user can access the Power BI app and view the content, things are working properly. Hope this helps.

New Member

Thanks Chris,


the issue sue is not being able to install the app automatically rather than profile picture.  I just mentioned that to help with explaining what is happening


@stevepickering, my apologies.


What happens if you send the external user to the the following URL?


(If you don't know your tenant ID,  it's at the end of the App URL after "ctid=")