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Issue: colors in published report do not match in Desktop for more than 8 legend items



When I am in desktop Power BI, a chart with more than 8 legend variables repeats the colors which I want.




But when I publish the report, these colors change:



Please fix this.


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@cwolfe ,


I could not reproduce this issue. Have you changed the data color as below?




Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor



You need more than 8 things to reproduce the issue.


Say there is a table with data for A, B, C , D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q

Make custom colors like I did - there is a limit of 8.

Make the chart - the colors should repeat after 8 for I to Q. They do!

Refresh the data - for me, the colors change keeping my custom colors for first 8, A-H, plus other colors for I-Q

Or publush the data and same things happens.

I have my custom colors for first 8 (A-H) and different colors for the rest (I-Q).

My 8 custom colors are gold, light grey, med gray, dark gray, bronze, yellow, med dark gray and black. 



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Here is a cooked example:


Data is just A-I with random numbers. Create the Table and apply a theme:



ALready a problem. I can edit my custom colors then change them back to get what I want:


But, if I refresh the data or publish, the colors revert to the first image.