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Issue: The visual has unrecognized fields.

Since yesterday, we experience a caching problem with some of our customers.

The first opened report works without any issues while the next reports give the underneath error.


The data set is created in SSAS cubes and we use the on premise data gateway to connect.


Anyone else experiencing this? Did Microsoft do an update?



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Status: Accepted
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Hi, we are having this same issue as well.


This happens to us on a hybrid / streaming data set.


The issue started when we were recording data and then changed / added some columns.


After this change the error started. 


We have changed columns before during a live stream dataset without issues.



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Just encountered this with a Power BI Report server report with an imported data model, as on prem and no SSAS.  I'm using the Sept 21 GA release because Jan 22 frakked my whole installation.  I added a new measure that works perfectly in Desktop, deployed to the server and I get the error.  I have restarted Report Server to clear the cache to no avail.  I have removed/renamed the measure multiple ways, to no avail.