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Issue - Sharepoint connection not working anymore



I can't connect to my Sharepoint data folder anymore.

I use the Sharepoint folder connecter. After the logon process and MFA process, Power BI reports: " Something went wrong" , "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".


This occured after the update this week to version: 2.98.683.0 64-bit (oktober 2021).


Even a blank Power BI report with only an attempt to use the connector result in this error.

I have this problem on both my Windows 10 and a Windows 11 systems.




Is there a solution of work around?





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Community Support

Hi @Peter_L_ ,

Could not reproduce it in my side as far as my test. When I use Oct 2021 version of Power BI Desktop to connect to Share Point folder, it works fine.


You can try to use the previous version of Power BI Desktop to test it again to check whether it was caused by the version.

Also consider whether MFA would cause this issue. You can chosse a SP data souce without MFA to check it.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Community Support
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Hi Yingjie Li,


Thank you for your suggestion to use the previous version of Power BI.

I have installed PBI Desktop 2021-09-x64.

With this version, I have no problems accessing the Sharepoint site.


And with the current version of Power BI, I still have this problem.

Best Regards,