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Issue March PBIRS: Gauge pannel not accepting more that N textboxes

Good afternoon!


We've tested the PBIRS version released in March, and we've detected an issue with the Gauges. We use the gauges as a "data card", displaying many textboxes in it. With this new release, it looks like if a gauge has more than N textboxes, the data of that gauge cannot be rendered.


Therefore, we've tested that it will allow us to put N-1 textboxes, but if you add 1 more, it will display "An error has occured during data evaluation..."



Has anyone detected the same issue?

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Hi @biswedishdevil,


From your description, it seems that you put many textboxes on the guage visual, the gauge visual fails to load data after publish to report server, right? 


Would you please share accurate value of N you mean? I have tested with the latest Power BI report server version, place 20 textboxes over the gauge visual. The gauge visual can load data correctly after publish to Power BI report server. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Good afternoon!


Thanks for replying. What's failing is the Gauge feature but when built in Reporting Services (.rdl) and published to PBIRS. Is not a PBI report failing, is a SSRS report failing. 20 should be enough to reproduce the error.