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Issue Login Google Analytics

Hi, when i try to create a new connection to Google Analytics i get the error attached (Online and Desktop Version) and a second test updating the data of an existing connection but it doesn't work.



Status: New
Community Support Team

@Danielrgd ,


Please check if you have input valid credentails. If this issue persists, could you please translate the error message in English so that I could help you?



Jimmy Tao




I send the translated text:  " We could not contact the Google Analytics server. Your service may not be available automatically or you may lose your Internet connection. I checked the internet connection and will try again. If you still cannot contact, contact the Power BI technical contact." and the image when i try to do the same with the desktop version "This browser or app may not be safe. Try it with a different browser. If you use a compatible browser, refresh the page and sign in again."


Imagen 1.png

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