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Issue - Lineage does not show backward dependencies

Previously, when I filtered by a dataset name in the workspace, I could see the precedents/backward dependencies of that dataset (data sources on which the dataset is dependent upon) as well as the dependent/forward dependencies (whatever is dependent upon the dataset) in a nice holistic and comprehensive lineage view.


Starting today, I can only see the forward dependencies and not the backward dependecies, e.g. following



In reality, this dataset is connected to 19 different datasources which I could see previously, but not now.

Example data sources used here

A. MS SQL server->dataflow

B. sharepoint excel

C. Web data

D. SSAS tables

E. Azure  SQL Server -> dataflow

F. Power Platform Dataflow

I could see all these previously in a single view and it was super helpful.


Can you please look into it.



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That seems to work fine for me. Try to republish the report and take a look at Considerations and limitations.

Resident Rockstar

@v-chuncz-msft  Thanks for looking into it. Sorry I disagree with you. Unfortunately, even after republishing I don't see what I need to see. Previously, not only for dataset but also for dataflows I could see the backward dependecies for each DF which I don't see anymore too.