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Issue: Direct queries to datasets in Premium Workspaces DOES NOT work

Hi there,


I was wondering if there is a limitation with Premium Workspaces whereby you cannot use the recently released feature of direct querying datasets within premium workspace.


I have successfully connected multiple datasets which sit in non-premium workspaces but when I try and connect to a dataset within a Premium workspace I get the below error, and it is not a permission issue as I am the admin of the workspace:


Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated otherwise I guess I will have to have a non-premium workspace for reports and premium for dataflows.


Thanks in advance! 

Status: New
Community Support


In addition to the XMLA Endpoint property being enabled read-write by the capacity admin, the tenant-level setting Allow XMLA endpoints and Analyze in Excel with on-premises datasets must be enabled in the admin portal. If you need to generate AIXL files that connect to the XMLA Endpoint, the tenant-level setting Allow live connections should also be enabled. These settings are both enabled by default.