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Issue Desktop version (store) - Restore saved database error

Hi to all,


Just got the February 2020 version (Microsoft Store app) and got the error Unable to open document - We weren't able to restore the saved database to the model.


Been looking around the community and options go from unninstalling and then reinstalling, did that but still same issue.


Tried to install the February version standalone however the version available online for download is the December version (although says the upload was made in February 18th) everything works normally but it's not comparable.


Also read that for some previous versions were this happened there was a new install version that solved the issue.


Thanks for the attention.

Miguel Felix

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@adeptus2008 , I would appreciate to have December version as well until the issue is fixed. 

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I hope links are not prohibited by the rules. So, you are welcome December version 64x

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Hi @AntonS  


Previous version of PBI can be get on the link below:


Also a non microsoft location but with all the downloads available.

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@adeptus2008 Thanks, with this version everything works perfectly fine again!

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I have the same issue. 😪 . 

December version saved me. Thank you!

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I managed to open the files on the december version we had on a server, saved it as a template and open it with the feb version.



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@fsim  I did the same with my file. I had used a template, and it was working fine, but when I restarted the computer, it didn't open anymore.  ☹️

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Same here, with 64 bit version, tried in more than one computer.

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Tried to open files created on February version and they also give the same error, as stated by @deborasguimas .


@v-qiuyu-msft  can you please get back on if this is being handle by the support team?


It's the first time I'm having this issue but the solution of installing the December version is a workaround but not a perfect one due to several things most important not all users have administrator accounts so the install from the app store is the perfect way to have PBI always updated.


thank you for your help.

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Same problem here. Re-installing didn't work. Please solve the bug in the February 2020 update.